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LEGO Mario Yoshis Gift House 71406

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The "LEGO Super Mario Yoshis Gift House Expansion Set 71406" is a delightful addition to your Mario-themed collection. Ideal for boys and girls aged 6 and above, this set provides hours of imaginative play and building fun. With 246 pieces, this set allows children to construct Yoshis charming gift house, complete with interactive features that bring the Mario world to life. Designed to spark creativity and foster fine motor skills, this set is a blend of animals, everyday heroes, games, and preschool themes. The dimensions of 12 x 26 x 13 cm make it a compact yet engaging addition to any LEGO enthusiasts playtime. Bring the vibrant world of Mario to your childs playroom with the LEGO Super Mario Yoshis Gift House Expansion Set 71406, where adventure and construction meet in perfect harmony.

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