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Mozaika Diamentowa 5D Haft Malowanie Lew Leżący

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24 hours

Enhance your childs creativity and imagination with the Diamond Mosaic 5D Cross-Stitch Painting featuring a realistic depiction of a majestic lion in a lying pose. Perfect for both boys and girls aged 3 and above, this engaging DIY craft kit promises hours of entertainment and skill-building. With the product dimensions measuring 30 x 40 cm on canvas and the packaging sized at 7 x 3 x 30 cm, this set is compact yet offers a substantial canvas for your child to work their artistic magic. Encourage artistic expression and fine motor skills development in your child with this captivating diamond painting kit. The NO-1004940 kit is an ideal gift choice for young creative minds and fosters a sense of accomplishment upon completion. The engaging process of placing colorful resin diamonds on the canvas not only hones their focus and patience but also results in a stunning piece of artwork that they can proudly display. Let your child explore their artistic talents with this stimulating and rewarding diamond painting set that guarantees both fun and skill enhancement.

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